Boulangerie, Chocolaterie, Patisserie...Charcuterie & Traiteur



Saveurs... is a traditional French Boulangerie, Chocolaterie and Patisserie producing the most excellent freshly made bread, chocolate, pastries and cakes.

Saveurs… is also a Traiteur serving breakfast, lunch and dinner and incorporating a ‘Continental Delicatessen’.

Saveurs…’ occupies the ground floor of 3 Victoria Road, Dartmouth (called the Bakery), an elegant 18th century listed building in the centre of Dartmouth close to the historic Butterwalk and the Boat Float.

The inspiration for and the founders of Saveurs… are Julien and Guylaine Picamil. Julien is one of France’s most talented young chefs and Guylaine is a trained sommelier and restaurant manager.

Saveurs opened for business in February 2008. Subsequent expansion and restoration has led to the creation of the current fabulous environment encompassing the whole of the ground floor. Our kitchen at the Bakery is supported by a purpose designed separate kitchen unit which gives us the flexibility to serve the Bakery as well as ambitious outside catering events.



Boulangerie, Chocolaterie and Patisserie

Our Boulangerie, Chocolaterie and Patisserie are fundamental to our business. They are
define our approach to freshness, the best ingredients and traditional methods.

Our regular customers love to visit the Bakery every day to buy fresh bread, croissants,
pastries and cakes.

Our bread is freshly made using the best French flour, according to traditional methods,
every day in our own kitchens. We use a range of different flours and recipes to produce
a variety of breads including traditional baguettes, campagne, wholemeal and many

Our chocolaterie uses the finest quality chocolate to produce an excellent range of
chocolates which are also made in our own kitchens.

Every day our kitchens freshly bake the most delightful croissants and pastries as well as
producing the most beautiful cakes to celebrate any occasion: Birthdays, Christmas and
Weddings indeed almost any thematic cake you can imagine.




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The ‘traiteur’ in French history represents the best elements of the modern restaurant.
Prior to the late 18th century diners who wished to ‘eat out’ would visit their local
traiteur’s kitchen and have their meal prepared for them.

In contemporary France the traiteur ‘department’ in the most distinctive ‘supermarche’
incorporates the concept of the Continental Delicatessen.

Our vision is to combine the traditional and the contemporary traiteur. Saveurs…’
kitchens produce the best quality fresh food, made from (where possible) local grown
ingredients, which can be eaten at home or at the Saveurs… table.

Saveurs makes its own fresh pasta and unique sauces. Both pasta and sauces are based
on recipes passed down through the founders’ families.

Our shelves and display counters are full of high quality charcuterie, unique French
cheeses, chutneys and jams (seasonal) made in our own kitchens whenever possible or
sourced from suppliers who share our values. We also sell an excellent range of coffee
and tea.

The Traiteur complements the Boulangerie, Chocolaterie and Patisserie. Together they
make Saveurs… a unique environment where the best quality food is available freshly
made in a traditional way in our kitchens whilst embracing the latest standards of food
technology and hygiene.